Harry Leader, shown here with his band, at around the time he moved into Du Cane Court.

                       (Photograph circa 1960 - courtesy of Michael Leader.)




                       Two comedians who were residents in the early days of Du Cane Court:

                       Tommy Trinder and Derek Roy. (Photos courtesy of Max Tyler, British Music Hall Society.)




                       Andy Sandham was one of the finest English cricketers of the 1930s; and Ernest Bubley was

                       the number 1 British table-tennis player before the war. Both were residents of 'the Court'.

                       (Photos courtesy of MCC Library, Marylebone Cricket Club, Lord’s Ground, London; and the

                       English Table Tennis Association.)


                      Two contemporary residents: Chris Luscombe, actor and director; and Arthur Smith, comedian and writer.

                      (The photo of Chris Luscombe is reproduced courtesy of Lucia Pallaris, from Peters,

                      Fraser & Dunlop Group Ltd. The flyer relates to a comedy evening. It is included here

                      courtesy of Arthur himself, and of Clive Conway, who presented the evening.)