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Email: Regarding talk at Balham Library in June, 2011

Du Cane Court Talk


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Hello Greg,

I just wanted to write and thank you for coming in to do the talk last Thursday. It has been the most popular talk we have organised this year by far with 76 people attending. I found it very interesting and hopefully it will lead to more sales of your book.

Again, many thanks for giving up your time


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Email, 9th August, 2009 -

Hi, Greg! My book has arrived - and it's BRILLIANT! I'm particularly thrilled about the reference to 'Rear Window', as I always thought the view from my living room was EXACTLY like the film! The chap opposite used to stand on the outside ledge of the windows - on the SEVENTH floor! - and clean them, whilst hanging on with his free hand, which used to terrify me!
I was sorry to read that May has shuffled off this mortal coil - she was my next door neighbour for two years, when I lived at H71 and I absolutely loved her; she was a wonderful woman....I'm glad Bush is still there - and Roman; I used to practice my v. bad Polish on him as I passed by the front desk ( I left D.C.C. in 1994 to teach English in Poland for a couple of years but still never got beyond 'Hello', 'Goodbye' and 'Thankyou'! )
My mum ordered a copy, as she loved D.C.C., then she rang me and said they were underpriced and she'd happily have paid £25! This could be something to do with her being German and approving strongly of your theory, viz. that Hitler loved us Brits and never wanted to fight with us, let alone invade! Of course, she is also really pleased that I get a mention, as does my old flat ( and so am I! )
Next time I'm in London, maybe I could nip down to Balham and get my book signed? I've no idea when that will be but look forward to meeting you. Regards, Carol.